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New Patients

Let’s Get Started

Your first visit in our office will consist of a thorough consultation and comprehensive examination. We will discuss your condition in depth and note current pain, health and family history, and past traumas. We then proceed with an orthopedic neurological examination.

At that point, we will take digital x-rays in our office if needed and follow with an adjustment as well as any therapies needed for pain management.

Auto accident patients are typically not adjusted on the first visit as we like to have ample time to review test results to put together the best care plan for your needs.

This first visit takes about 30-45 minutes and the second visit is generally scheduled for the following day.

The Second Visit

You will return for your second appointment to meet with doctor and discuss your opinions on and reactions to your first visit. At this appointment, a personalized and unique in-office treatment plan will be determined as well as a thorough at-home icing and stretching routine.

At this visit, your doctor will make specific recommendations for your care and lay out a roadmap of the results you can expect to achieve over the course of the following appointments.

Regular Visits

Regular visits are important to maintaining results and keeping the body at its optimal level of health. These visits only take about 10-20 minutes to complete, but are as necessary to peak physical performance as regular dental visits are to oral health. Your doctor will use this time for adjustments, as well as general health advice such as sleep posture tips, workstation ergonomics, and proper ways to lift. Come prepared with questions and concerns and ready to receive any necessary therapies.

Auto Accident Second Visit

On your second visit, we’ll go over the results of your tests and X-rays, showing you exactly where any damage to your spine is present and what stage of degeneration it’s in. If you’re in agreement, we can begin care this same day, which may include a chiropractic adjustment as well as additional modalities like ultrasound therapy to reduce pain and inflammation, stretching, intersegmental traction, or electrical muscle stimulation.

  • Quick and helpful.

    -Evan P.
  • The first and second visit left me feeling very relaxed, and with hope. The massage therapists were well skilled, thorough, and professional. I’m confident these treatments will help to improve my quality of life.

    -Donald M.
  • The best thing that’s ever happened to me!

    -Tiffany C.
  • First time ever visiting a Chiropractor and left feeling amazing and a better understanding of everything.

    -Yadira M.
  • Great customer service, I will recommend to family, friends, and associates!

    -Pliny R.
  • Thank y’all so much! Im looking forward to becoming a regular patient and getting the relief that I have been needing for quite some time! After my first visit I slept the best I have in YEARS because I had no discomfort!

    -Leslie P.
  • Will definitely come back!

    -Rhonda R.
  • I am thankful to have hope for improvement.

    -Amanda S.
  • Great experience!

    -Erika A.
  • Thank you for the helpful, comfortable & comforting experience.

    -Donna J.
  • The staff was very considerate and polite!

    -Dorothy W.
  • I received significant relief after just one treatment and look forward to continued maintenance for a full recovery.

    -Julia H.
  • Everyone was friendly and very helpful.

    -Barbara B.
  • So thankful I found Dr Amy. She has helped me so much in only my first few visits. Thanks!

    -June V.
  • I felt so relaxed. I felt so mellow. Best nights sleep I had in a long time.

    -Mia M.
  • Lovely staff and very consistent!

    -Nyshera R.
  • Christy provided the best customer service! She is absolutely wonderful!

    -Jennifer B.
  • I was really nervous about my first visit here because I had been to other chiropractors before, and I didn’t want to repeat experience that I had had, but I needed to do something because my back was hurting pretty badly. Dr. Taylor Sparks listened to my concerns, explained everything about my condition in my x-rays, and performed a gentle adjustment – nothing like I had experienced before. I have another appointment tomorrow, and I am really looking forward to it – imagine that!

    -Patricia H.
  • Best experience ever!

    -Jada J.
  • I loved that Dr. Taylor took time to educate me along the way.

    -Nora F.
  • Staff was extremely helpful with all my questions. The Dr. explained in detail what was happening and explained it so I would understand. Excellent staff and facility.

    -Joseph P.
  • Amazing place I have never felt better in a long time. My severe neck pain gone just after one visit. What a great job they did. Have never been so impressed with an office as much as this one for chiropractic care.

    -Debbie O.
  • Dr Salami was very thorough and super friendly!

    -Andrea W.
  • Dr. Cruz was very informative and answered all my questions, she has already helped my sciatica and I’ve only been 2 visits. Love her already!

    -Ashley K.
  • The staff was very cordial and friendly. Great experience and I will return for follow up treatment!

    -Raymond S.
  • They are all such great people and have helped me feel better right away!

    -Anita D.
  • This was my first time EVER going to a chiropractor. Great first visit. Excited for my treatment to continue.

    -Jessenia M.
  • I give a 5 star review to everyone! Dr. Amy fixed me right up and made me normal again!

    -Ashley S.
  • The entire staff was great to work with. Looking forward to my follow up appointment!!

    -Sonya H.
  • They were so sweet and so helpful. I’ll always go back!

    -Brent L.
  • Continue to serve each customer with quality care and respect.

    -Angela M.
  • Dr. Amy is great and so are the staff! I wish I had not waited so long to get help. I am very encouraged.

    -Mary B.
  • Hubby found you guys and got us both in because we hadn’t found a chiropractor since leaving Colorado a year ago. Treatment was outstanding. We both really liked the way Dr Amy explained things as she went so that it all made sense!

    -Lynn G.
  • We love Dr Amy and how patient she was with my toddler. Also her staff was very kind and wonderful too.

    -Minerva C.
  • Excellent experience with Dr Taylor and Marie!

    -Laurie M.
  • They were amazing. It was my first adjustment and I was a little worried but they explained everything very thoroughly and made sure that I was well take care of. Amazing experience!!!

    -Vienna G.

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