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Research & Resources

The following compilation of resources and disease/condition specific research is by no means comprehensive, but we hope it provides some insight into the broad application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and its possible benefits.

General Resources

Acute Severe Problems From Accidents (i.e. Crushed Leg, Arm, Fingers)


Arthritis–Rheumatoid, Osteoarthritis & Osteoarthrosis

Athletic Injuries & Performance

Autism, Down Syndrome

Autoimmune Disorders/Lupus

Bone Disorders/Conditions/Pain

Cancer & Cancer Treatment and Radiation Damage/Burns

Cardiac Disorders/Heart Disease/MI/Acute Coronary Syndrome

Cerebral Ischemia/Edema

Cerebral Palsy

Colitis/Crohn’s Disease/Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Other GI Disorders

Cognitive Function

Cystitis/Other GU Disorders

Dementia/Alzeimer’s Disease

Dermatological Conditions

Diabetes/Diabetic Wounds

Erectile Dysfunction

Eye Disorders