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Meet Dr. Amy Kitching

A Family Tradition

Dr. Amy Kitching

I’ve loved chiropractic since I was in elementary school. I’m a third-generation Chiropractor in a family full of them-my father, grandfather, three brothers and nephew are all Chiropractors! When I was little, I’d carry a model of a spine to school for show and tell. I’ve known since the fourth grade that I wanted to be a Chiropractor.”

Gaining Expertise in Health

Dr. Amy graduated cum laude from the Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas. Here she completed a work-study program in the radiology department and logged many hours studying x-rays, skills she still applies daily in her practice.

Dr. Amy chose Parker College of Chiropractic on high recommendations from her family of Chiropractors, due to its focus on teaching students about both the business of chiropractic in addition to its intensive patient care program.

Bringing You to Wellness

Dr. Amy’s life work is helping others, and her passion is in the results she is able to achieve. She treats all ages, and especially enjoys caring for babies, children, pregnant women, and the geriatric Statesboro population.

People see us to get help with their pain. They enter care, and their whole life changes!


Community Involvement

Dr. Amy is heavily involved in supporting the veteran community, and services many veterans with chiropractic care. Dr. Amy is currently the main referring doctor for the veteran’s department and she is very passionate about her work there. We’re excited for the addition of our new hyperbaric chamber, which has been proven to assist in recovery from PTSD.

Outside of the Practice

Dr. Amy is also a supporter of Safe Haven, a local community home for women and children leaving abusive family situations. She works closely with Georgia Southern University helping their athletes. Dr. Amy has also helped doctorate students in the logistics department by giving an ergonometric analysis of each individual’s workstations, customizing it to their needs.

She’s a past baseball booster for the Statesboro High School team and works with the university cycling team. Dr. Amy also helps sew the costumes and works with the theatrical productions for Statesboro High School Drama department, the music department and the Averitt Center for the Arts.

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